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Top 10 things to do in Dharamsala, McLeodganj, Bhagsu, and Dharamkot


Its Spring Time here in the Himalayas… The days are warm, flowers are blooming, the hikes await explorers.

Here’s our list of the Top 10 Things to do in Dharamsala:

#1 Dalai Lama Temple

Experience the aura of a living god, as you roam through the His Holiness Dalai Lama’s Temple in McLeodganj. You might get lucky, and be here when he is teaching.

#2 Triund

A medium-level hike from McLeodganj, you come to this gem, a meadow from where you experience the magnificence of the Moon Peak in snow covered the Dhauladar Ranges.

#3 Bhagsu Waterfall

A short walk/taxi ride, brings you to this beautiful waterfall, hike a little further up and get a chai at Shiva Cafe’, as you revel in the view of the valley

#4 Gallu Waterfall

The best way to get to this hidden gem, is to hike through the forest from Dharamkot Main Square, along a beautiful stone path that winds its way thru the forest, once you get to Gallu Village, take a left towards the waterfall. Bring a towel, and take a dip in the pools of crystal clear glacier water. A tiny cafe serves you with basic but yum food and drinks.

#5 Sunset Cafe’

Make sure you leave the Gallu Waterfall, 40 minutes before sunset, so can you can make it to Sunset Cafe’, which is on the same path, as you come back from the water. At this quaint cafe’, you will experience the most stunning sunset of the Kangra valley. This is a quite place, that plays some amazing music, and serves awesome food!! If you’re lucky, you will find musicians playing live music to the sunset, adding to the splendor of the experience.

#6 Meditate

Bliss our your day by, dropping in to the Tushita Meditation Center for Donation based guided meditation from 9-am, Monday thru Saturday.

#7 Experience the Traveler Vibe

Experience the Traveler Vibe in the little cafe’s of Dharamkot. Walk deeper into the village for an assortment of Live Entertainment, from Live Music to Fire Dancers, this tiny village has it all.

#8 Yoga…aah

Join a Yoga Class, from the many experience teachers and schools in the area, offering all styles of practice. You can do drop-in classes, enroll for short courses, or become a Yoga Teacher!

#9 Experience Tibetan Culture

Experience the Pinacle of Tibetan Culture at Norbulingka Institute, a short drive from Dharamsala. This beautiful oasis, offers many treats, including shops, courses, museums, and 2 great cafe’s.

#10 Volunteer

Give back while you’re here. The Tibetan Community offers many great volunteering options, from baby-sitting adorable Tibetan children, to helping monks practice their english skills. Checkout LHA for more.

So there you have it! Our top picks of things to do while in this little paradise in the Himalayas.

Most importantly, respect the locals, and leave the place cleaner than you found it! 🙂

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Feel we missed something, add it in the comments and we’ll update this post.

<3 & light…


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